1 thought on “San Francisco

  1. I"m enjoying your posts. They make me very hungry. : ) I have some North Beach recommendations for you if you have the time.My favorite relatively unknown, cheap, divey SF eatery is Cafe Macaroni on Columbus in North Beach. Nothing is not less calories than what the sun puts out. I recommend the Saltimboca: Oven Roasted Provolone and Ham. http://www.caffemacaroni.com/2_menu.shtmlIt's also right next to City Lights Bookstore, which is the heart of Beat literature and poetry. Which is also a a block away from Cafe Trieste, which has very specific Italian coffee from up around Venice, Italy. They have a great house band with an accordion player. When tourist busses came through SF in the early 60’s to look at the ‘hippies’, the ‘hippies’ organized a bus to tour the suburbs of the east bay. The bus left from Cafe Trieste.Ah San Francisco, how I loved you. Have a great time there.

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