Here is a selection of my botanical illustrations from my home state, Vermont, as well as my trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Martinique (excerpted from my travel journals) and a series of Midwestern and North American wild edibles from my time living in Iowa, Oregon, and California.

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  1. Hi Frances: I have swarmed your site in all its ramifying depth, like a honeybee intent on finding the sweetest pool of nectar. Good to see you at the lamp shop and would like to see more of your creative non-fiction. One of my favorite authors is Patrick Leigh Fermor who wrote among many others “Traveler’s Tree.” Your travels to Martinique minded me refer you to him. Am currently reading Jean Rhys short stories. Are you familiar with her? Take care, Bud

    1. Hello! My apologies for not responding earlier, I don’t often check the comments on my website, I prefer to use the email listed on the first page, But, to answer your email, I so love the community at the lamp shop and all of the art that is made possible by that space’s existence. Many others have recommended Jean Rhys to me, I’ll have to check out her short stories. Thanks Bud, you take care as well,



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