Camping Extravagance

No matter how deep I wander into the wilderness, I always bring a feast fit for kings. Even when I am camping, when I should be eating pre-packaged oatmeal and granola bars, I end up bringing a meal just as excessive and delicious as I would prepare in town. This weekend, for example, we trekked up to the top of a foothill of Mt. Mansfield in the Stowe area with a little cooler filled with ingredients from the farmer’s market and our garden. We built a perfect little fire and waited for the logs to collapse into a bed of coals, and then we prepared delicious goat sausage sandwiches with caramelized shallots, sauteed chard and kale, fresh basil, and parmigiano reggiano. We also fried up a handful of curly garlic scapes from the farmer’s market which we ate with makeshift twig chopsticks. 


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