This June, take my “The Naturalist’s Notebook” art class at Northwind Art

JUNE 13, 2:00-5:00 PM (PST)

I will be teaching this online workshop, hosted by Northwind Art, is for anyone with an interest in both art and science, outdoor exploration, wild flowers and edible mushrooms, cataloguing and sketching the natural world.  In this live online workshop series with artist, writer, and amateur naturalist Frances Cannon, you will learn how to create your own naturalist’s notebook with sketches and written notes about your observations of nature—field notes of the flora and fauna that capture your attention and give you a sense of wonder. The format for these notebooks can vary from pen and ink, to watercolor, or any 2-D medium of your choosing. They can be personal and experimental, although your instructor will give you tips and resources for grounding these field notes in observation and science. All levels welcome.

Sign up here:


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