New City Galerie Residency

I begin my summer artist residency at the New City Galerie this Friday.

If you’re in Burlington, Vermont, stop on by, I’ll be working in the studio and selling my art at the farmer’s market on Saturdays.


IMG_8479.JPGDuring my time at the New City Galerie, I will be juggling a few very thrilling projects. I am working on illustrating my graphic novel about mental and physical illness in my family. I am also illustrating the tweets of Eileen Myles, esteemed queer and provocative poet of New York (and the world), for Poetry magazine. I am collaborating with a musician, Christopher the Conquered, on a sound-image project. Last but not least, I am working with the splendid local poetry press led by Ben Aleshire, Honeybee Press, to publish my poetry manuscript.


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