Tracing the Paths between Sprout and Rot

To add the the hubbub around the opening of this show, master artificer of language Kassia Lisinsky has written up a splendid review of our exhibit in Little Village magazine, with such turns of phrase as:

“From wood-violets to maracudja studies, to tongues and snails, cacti-faces and outlines of chemical compositions, Cannon draws a delicate and sensitive line around the grotesque rendered beautiful, calling into question typical delineations between what is illness and what simply is.”

Read the article here. 

12767940_10208955676756048_522715919_oHere is a teaser: a few of my botanical illustrations my trip to Martinique (excerpted from my travel journal) as well as a series of Midwestern and North American wild edibles, which will appear at the Paper Nest (downtown Iowa City) during art walk the first week of March. My collaborator, Emily Jalinsky, will also be displaying  artwork. See description:

In this new exhibit of prints and illustrations, local artists Frances Cannon and Emily Jalinsky explore themes of floral and faunal growth and decay. They trace patterns found in botanical illustrations and play with the sensibility of specimen documentation.

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