Surrendering to Foodie/Hipster/D.I.Y Cook and Craft Urges

I will admit that all of the following activities, taken as a whole, are over-the-top but I am genuinely enthused about everything I am learning, cooking, harvesting, fermenting, and eating. 

In the last three days, I have

1. Harvested sungold cherry tomatoes on Alemany urban farm in exchange for more vegetables than I could carry home (artichokes, loquats, lettuce, beets, carrots, strawberries, kale, etc.)Image

2. Worked at 18 Reasons for a cooking class about purslane and pork belly. The best dish was a pork belly, pickled watermelon rind, jalapeno, cilantro, and feta salad. 

3. Went to lunch with my boss at the Lucky Peach, Rachel Khong, at Mission Chinese– we ate lamb dumplings, thrice cooked bacon with rice-pillow noodles, mapu tofu, spicy peanuts, pickles, kimchi, cod fried rice, and 10,000 other dishes that the chef kept bringing out.



3. Hosted a lovely dinner party at my apartment, we had gin and drinking vinegars (Yum Yum Tonics, a salad with plums, sorrel, and lettuce from Alemany farm, a farro and pesto dish, and fried Petaluma peppers and yellow cauliflower. 

4. I went foraging in Buena Vista park, right above my house, and found chicken mushrooms (sulphur shelf mushrooms), blackberries, nasturtiums, fennel. 


5. Anna and I attended a ginger beer brewing class (alcoholic, real ginger beer) at the SF Workshop space. We took home some bottles of our new brew and some herbs for making gruet: mugwort, yarrow, st. john’s wort, and wormwood. 



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