The Psychological Circus

We have made it our goal to create some sort of performance once a month. In February, we initiated a "Pheremone Speed Dating" talk show. We called contestants onto stage one by one, blind-folded them, and called out into the audience for 'smelly t-shirt' volunteers. We then pinned these twenty or so smelly shirts onto an indoor laundry line, and guided the blind-folded contestants down the line. We instructed them to pick their three favorites, and we called the owners of these three shirts up onto stage. Still blind-folded, the contestant was instructed to smell the armpits of the three shirt owners. Once they chose their favorite smelly candidate, we removed the blindfold and encouraged the new couples to perform a mating dance on stage. 

This month my sister and I planned a Psychological Circus, consisting of three varieties of therapy:
1. Pharmacy/ Farm-acy:
      The patient was given a prescription for fruits and vegetables, with a long list of dangerous side effects. 
2. The Master of Holistic Medicine:
      The patient was instructed to "relax, breathe, exist, pulsate," by a new-age quack, who claimed "I can cure your soul by means of your senses." The quack then proceeded to make discordant noises, rub the patient's face with a cheese-grater, and wave crushed garlic under the patient's nose. 
3. Freud/Richard Simmons
     A special visitation by Freud himself turns into a Richard Simmons-esque session to cure the patient's "edible complex". 


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