Ginger Beer and Berries


A few days ago I picked my first strawberry of the season from my backyard patch. I was ecstatic, of course, but I could only celebrate the single berry, the rest of the patch was filled with white and green fruits. I went camping in the white mountains for two days and came back to hundreds of perfectly ripe rubies of sweetness. I dove into the bed and started filling my hands, soon realizing that I would need a very large basket to contain my bounty. I rushed inside, grabbing my roommate along the way for picking assistance, and returned to the garden. 

Although I devoured more than my fill of fruit while crouched in the patch, I still felt the need to construct a dessert around the fruit in order to properly celebrate our luck. I made dark chocolate souffles with a rhubarb compote inside and fresh strawberries on top. We toasted to our garden with tall glasses of ginger beer that I had made with lemons, ginger, and honey.


A week later we made strawberry-basil-basalmic ice cream. 


1 thought on “Ginger Beer and Berries

  1. We made balsamic ice cream yesterday. We made rosemary olive oil cake and topped it with vanilla balsamic ice cream and balsamic reduction sauce. We served it for the guests at the farm house.

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