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Book work. We make books. Books make us.

I must put out another song of gratitude for all those who helped me publish a book of poems this summer, and those who helped me thrive in my artist residency, produce art, and participate in the farmer’s market.

Thanks to Ben Aleshire and Honeybee Press for leading and guiding the book publishing efforts.

Thanks to John Vincent of Revolutionary Press for enabling the letterpress process in his New Haven studio.

Thanks to Joseph Pensak, Lydia Kerns, and the New City Galerie for hosting my messy artsy self (see the photo of my studio below).

Thanks to those who helped me copy edit (Sam, Ryan, Stef, Robert, Cecile, Janet, Liza, Rebecca, Ben, am I missing anyone?)

Thanks to those who helped print, bind, glue, and fold books, what a lot of work! (Liza, Sam, Janet, Ben)

Thanks to those who fed me and loved me throughout the process (Andrea Solazzo! And all of the others)…Uranian fruit pomegranate cover

URANIAN FRUIT, a new book of poems by Frances Cannon, grâce à Honeybee Press

A new book is born: Uranian Fruit.

Uranian fruit pomegranate coverloitering in the gardenarrivalapproach

Momma (poet) Frances Cannon,


midwife (publisher) Ben Aleshire with Honeybee Press.

WELL, the baby is nearly out. We are still laboring. Breathe deep, and prepare yourselves to catch a book this Sunday, in Burlington, Vermont, at our release party.

The Attic on Aug. 7th, an art space on the third floor of 215 College St above Stone Soup, 7-10pm
We letter-pressed the cover on a Vandercook in New Haven, Vermont in the studio of John Vincent of Revolutionary Press: