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Mural of Vermont birds for Woodbelly restaurant

Over the span of three days, I painted a mural of Vermont bird species on the wall of the wood-fired pizza oven in the soon-to-open Woodbelly restaurant in Montpelier, Vermont. The process was thrilling, from the initial stages of sketching and planning to the finishing touches of brushwork on the wall. I wanted to keep the color palette simple, three colors at the most, so I selected birds whose plumage naturally display black, red, and yellow. This triple color combination actually generated a long list of birds, so I narrowed it down to the loon, red-winged blackbird, saw-whet owl, yellow warbler, crossbill, cedar waxwing, cardinal, crow, pileated woodpecker, and chickadee. And, on the last day, I painted a few quirky robots in the corner to decorate the electric panel. I can’t wait for the restaurant to open to sit at the bar with a pizza and a beer and see my mural as the backdrop to culinary action.

Tattoos for my fickle friends: custom temporary tattoos

Yes, I have designed many a tattoo for my own body and the bodies of my friends, but I know many of you don’t actually want the ink to follow you to your dying beds, so here’s a ‘line’ of my designs. I don’t yet have an etsy (soon!) so if you’d like one of these, you can either find me at the Burlington arts farmer’s market in Vermont, or shoot me an email frankyfrancescannon@gmail.com